Sunday, May 6, 2012

My new Screaming Banshee Horn is Installed!

I discovered the Banshee Horn project on Kickstarter and thought the inventor had a great idea*. The stock horn on my Piaggio is quite weak - beep beep. It made sense that I could still use my stock horn to gently warn a pedestrian in a cross walk without making him/her jump out of their skin by blasting an air horn that sounds like a Mack Truck!

But... just hold in the normal horn button for 1/2 second and you get the full pulsing air horn blast and flashing high beams!

Here's what the install looks like on my Piaggio. Note that I drilled a hole in part of the bike frame to solidly mount the horn - part of the frame used to attach the fairing. I didn't really trust the bracket approach specified in the Banshee instructions since it resulted in two possible connections that could vibrate loose over time.
Fairing removed showing placement of Control and Horn

Horn bolted to fairing frame
Control Box attached using heavy-duty velcro

Stay tuned for my first test video of the new Banshee Horn! You can buy your horn at the new Screaming Banshee website.

*I pledged $75 back in January to get one of their first production units (they exceed their funding goal of $12k and received over $30k!). I got my horn at the end of March, but wanted to wait to receive electronics for my next bike mod before I dissembled my Piaggio. Finally was able to finish both projects in May.

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